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Our Classes

Registration for the 2022-2023 is still open for returning and new families.  

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Due to COVID-19, classes and schedules may change through out the school year. 

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The Sparrows Class (2 years) meets two times per week* for socialization, enrichment and fun! Our morning begins with a short circle time of singing, rhymes, movement and stories.  Free exploration follows with various stations including art, sensory table, play dough, light table, block building, easel and snack.  On most days we play outside for large motor development, but have large indoor option if needed. At these ages, children need ample time to explore and discover the world around them. We honor that need and create a nurturing environment for them to thrive.*Parents can choose to stay both days, or work in the classroom one day while having the second day free to run errands, get work done, or just relax!

The Owls Class (3 years) offers daily thematic activities that encourage play and learning in a safe environment. Children learn best through play and our day is centered around fun activities that the children learn from (even though they don't know they're learning!). We start each day with a circle time that includes reading a book, singing songs and talking about the activity choices for the day. The children are then free to explore the activity centers which include art, free choice design art, playdough, writing, puzzles, drama, blocks, snack and games. During this time, the children learn to interact with others in a positive environment and learn what it means to work together. Then it's time to head outside to excercise our bodies with swings, sandbox and sensory garden. We then end our day with more music and goodbyes until next time.


We also attend field trips throughout the year including:

-pet store
-train trip
-musical theater


The Owls is a wonderful introduction into preschooler's independence while still having adult figures there to guide them.


The Eagles Class (Pre-K/4 years) allows time for both child-directed and teacher-directed activities. The experience our students gain in both social and academic skills facilitates their smooth transition to kindergarten. Our students are given the chance to help in the classroom by being assigned a new "job" daily, such as line leader, song chooser, or calendar helper.


A typical day in the Eagles class would include the following:


Circle Time: Learn about the activities for the day and introduce the current theme in the classroom
Free Choice: Explore the thematic stations within our three rooms
Outside Play: Play in the sandbox, play structure or swings, or participate in the weekly bike day
Closing Circle: Finish up with some music and dancing


Learning outside the classroom is also a part of the Eagles curriculum, which includes fun and educational field trips. Some field trips that we've attended include:
-fire station
-hardware store
-grocery store
-children's plays

Now Offering an After School STEAM Class for Pre-K! (Returning in 2024-2025)

The Explorers Group is an all new bonus STEAM program being offered! It allows extended time for participating members of the Eagles class to continue classroom activities and take learning to a deeper level.  This extra time beyond the regular Eagles class schedule starts with additional social time at the lunch table,  which also allows students to practice crucial lunchtime skills needed for Kindergarten (eating on a schedule, opening baggies, containers, twisting tops, etc.).  After fueling up, these Explorers will dive into student-led emergent curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 10 Eagles students will stay after regular class time for this additional hour as part of the Explorers class.  The Explorers Group will meet from October through April.

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