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Board Positions

Each family in the co-op is responsible for holding either a class, school or board position. In order for each class and the entire school to operate smoothly, it is important that each position's responsibilities are fulfilled.


Board members must be able to attend monthly board meetings, which are typically held the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Board members are exempt from the $100 cleaning fee. These positions are most important to the operation of the school and need to be filled as soon as possible. For more information about board positions, please email us at Class positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

President -

  • The presidents oversee the board and conduct monthly board meeting


Secretary -

  • The Secretary takes monthly minutes and posts them for our community.




  • Manages the school email, conducts tours of the school and registers incoming families.

  • Manages the schools finances such as collecting tuition, paying teachers and managing our bank account.


Fundraising Coordinator - 

  • Organizes and tracks fundraisers for the school.


Health and Safety Coordinator -

  • Oversees the health and safety of the school by reporting illnesses, tracking emergency supplies and filling out our health and safety checklist.


Playground Coordinator -

  • Organizes our playground work parties and repairs around the school.


Marketing Coordinator - marketing@bensonhillcoop@org

  • Create our quarterly newsletter, manage our social media and organize marketing efforts.


Class Chairperson - Hummingbirds,  Sparrows, Owls, Eagles 

  • Represent the class for the board and help incoming families.

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