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School Positions

Each family in the co-op is responsible for holding either a class, school or board position. In order for each class and the entire school to operate smoothly, it is important that each position's responsibilities are fulfilled.

Auction Committee

  • Work with the fundraiser to organize the spring auction

  • Help Work throughout the year to procure item for the auction. This needs to start in the fall.

  • Help the fundraiser build the auction website or the bidder book for in person auctions


  • Use monthly supply checklist to see if the school is in need of any basic supplies

  • Purchase additional items requested by the board and teachers. 

  • Turn in any reimbursement forms to the treasurer.

  • Turn in all receipts to the treasurer.

Bates Parent Coordinator

  • Attend a Parent education workshop held by Bates.

  • Track parents Bates credits throughout the year.

  • Report to our Bates representative.

  • Communicate with parents about opportunities to receive their Bates credits. 

  • Send out reminders to parents who have not met their requirements.

Special Events Committee

  • Work with the board to organize the winter social.

  • Gather items from families for the raffle table.

  • Put together potluck 

  • Decorations 

  • Activities for the kids

  • Community event

  • Plan and organize school community events. 

  • Communicate details to the board about the event.

  • Recruit any help and volunteers needed for the event.

Laundry Helper

  • Bring the school laundry home and return after washing.

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