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Meet our Teachers


Because we are a preschool managed by parents, our school board reserves the right to select the very best preschool teachers. Our teachers have studied early childhood education and have college degrees in a variety of subjects. They offer our children a positive, nurturing environment from which to grow and provide direct guidelines, expectations and support for parents in classroom participation.


Kristie Hale

Owls and Eagles 

Ms. Kristie came to BHCP in 2016 as a parent with her youngest daughter, who was in the Owls class. She served on the board as the registrar. Falling in love with the Co-op model, in 2017, she became a teacher. She now teaches the Eagles, Owls, and Explorer classes. She has a broad knowledge of different teaching philosophies and strong experience in leading the development and implementation of curriculum. She has taught in several schools and childcare centers, emphasizing learning through creative play, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bellevue Community College. Ms. Kristie is passionate about the creative process and play-based learning.

In her spare time, Ms. Kristie has volunteered with the local PTSA and Girl Scouts. With her husband and two daughters, Kristie enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest in her travel trailer and spending quality time with her family.

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Kelly Sas

Sparrows and Explorers

Ms. Kelly is delighted to begin her journey at Benson Hill Co-op as the Sparrows and Explorers teacher, transitioning from over a year of volunteering at this wonderful school. Her teaching philosophy, rooted in play-based learning and emergent curriculum, finds a perfect match within the nurturing environment of Benson Hill. As a first-year teacher, she brings a fresh perspective and unwavering passion for early childhood education. Currently pursuing her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Green River College, Kelly is deeply committed to fostering the healthy development of young children.

Ms. Kelly’s dedication to family-centered education is deeply personal, stemming from her extensive experience in childcare, including roles as a nanny for local families, and her own life within a large, close-knit family. She takes immense pride in being Auntie Kelly to seven nieces and nephews and cherishes the time spent with her family, whether it's through game nights, walks on the Soos Creek trail, or elaborate tea parties.

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of Ms. Kelly's life. She values the joy and challenge of the creative process over perfection, always willing to try her hand at any creative activity that grabs her interest. Her passion for reading, writing, and role-playing games is a testament to her love of stories and vibrant imagination. A storyteller at heart, she has written two novels through NaNoWriMo and started on numerous more.

With Ms. Kelly, there's always a rainbow in the classroom—a commitment to bringing joy, inclusivity, and endless learning possibilities to the environment.


Lisa Meier

Bates Child Studies Instructor

Lisa has worked for Bates Technical College for 7 years. She is a tenured professor with her MS in Early Childhood Education. She has been a preschool teacher, curriculum developer, program supervisor as well as Director of various child care settings. Lisa is also a mother of two. She is passionate about play based learning and spent time in New Zealand and Canada studying their early childhood practices. She is excited to work with you to support your children’s development.

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