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Class Positions

Each family in the co-op is responsible for holding either a class, school or board position. In order for each class and the entire school to operate smoothly, it is important that each position's responsibilities are fulfilled.

Class Positions

*One per class unless otherwise noted.

Playdough helper

  • Make playdough per teacher's request with teacher provided recipe

  • Teacher will occasionally request other sensory items, doughs and clays



  • Take photos during class and share to BAND page

  • Design a yearbook at the end of the year (Shutterfly, or as preferred)

  • Organize and collect orders


Excursion Coordinator (Eagles Only)

  • Work with teacher to organize field trips

  • Organize with the facilities

  • Collect and make all payments

  • Turn in an event form to our Bates representative for approval. 

  • Communicate with families field trip information


Hospitality Coordinator

  • Organize a class gift for family if they are welcoming a new baby

  • Organize support for a family who may be experiencing a loss or difficult time, such as a meal train

  • Teacher appreciation week

  • Welcome new families and provide training for new working parents

  • Create summer playdates in the park schedule


Parent Scheduler

  • Maintain the parents work schedule. 

  • Manage scheduling families vacations and day requests.


School Pet (Owls and Eagles)

  • Purchase all supplies and submit a reimbursement form to the treasurer 

  • Maintain the class pet environment, cleaning it weekly

  • Ensure that the pet is cared for over school breaks or long weekends by creating a signup sheet for families to take it home.

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