Board and Class Positions

Each family in the co-op is responsible for holding either a class or board position. In order for each class and the entire school to operate smoothly, it is important that each position's responsibilities are fulfilled.


Board members must be able to attend monthly board meetings, which are typically held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Board members are exempt from attending the mandatory cleaning nights :) These positions are most important to the operation of the school and need to be filled as soon as possible. For more information about board positions, please email us at Class positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.



Please refer to the "Meet Your Board" page for a description of board positions.  If you are interested in joining the board, please contact us at

Board Positions
All-School Positions (non-board)

* All non-board members agree to participate in 2 all-school cleaning nights during the school year.


Housekeeping Coordinator: 

  1. Coordinating the maintenance and clean-up of the preschool facility, including the monthly parent cleanings.

  2. Tracking housekeeping materials, equipment, and supplies, and coordinating with the Buyer when purchases are needed.

  3. Coordinate classroom pack-up with the buyer at the beginning and end of each school year.

  4. Performing general executive duties when needed. 



  1. Coordinating the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies and restocking when appropriate. Assist with finding help for repairs when necessary.

  2. Coordinate classroom pack-up with housekeeper at the end of each school year.

  3. Performing general duties when needed. 



  1. Organizing and maintaining the parent library.

  2. Organizing and maintaining the children’s library.

  3. Conducting annual book inventory in April.

  4. Inspecting and maintaining books for any needed repairs.

  5. Organizing/distributing book club orders.

  6. Performing general duties as needed. 

Class Positions

*One per class unless otherwise noted.


Class Treasurer: 

  1. Taking minutes of all monthly teacher meetings and distributing them to all class members.

  2. Sending reminder emails to families when to pay tuition.

  3. Maintaining a log of families who have worked on their cleaning nights.

  4. Compiling a list of families who missed their cleaning night for each semester and reporting back to executive board treasurer.

  5. Helping the Executive Treasurer collect unpaid tuition and other fees upon request from Executive Treasurer.

  6. Performing general duties when needed. 


Parent Coordinator:  

  1. Scheduling parent work days (the number of working parents needed will be determined by the teacher with input from the class members) and tracking schedule changes/days worked and reporting to the teacher, Class Chairperson and parent education instructor as necessary.

  2. Posting parent work schedule and emailing it out to class.

  3. Submitting articles and reporting class news and happenings to the Communications Coordinator for inclusion in the monthly newsletter.

  4. Performing general duties when needed.

  5. **Must have knowledge of Microsoft word. 


Classroom Assistant: 

  1. Assisting the teacher with projects throughout the year such as cutting projects, making playdough, mixing paints or anything else required by the teacher.

  2. Advising the Housekeeper and Buyer of any equipment that needs replacement or repair.

  3. Checking weekly to see that towels and rags are laundered.

  4. Checking weekly to make sure the snack cabinets have ample supply of cups, napkins, rags, and sponges.

  5. Performing general duties as needed. 


Special Events: 

  1. Coordinating special events such as The Winter Social, Family Night, parent socials or as requested by the teacher, Executive Fundraiser or Class Chairperson.

  2. Coordinate parent nights out.

  3. Work with marketing coordinator to distribute marketing materials in the community and develop a list of places to distribute flyers.

  4. When necessary, notifying parents, teachers and/or Parent Education Instructor of, but not limited to, the following:

    • Upcoming meetings

    • Excursions

    • Cancellation of school (snow closures, etc.)

    • Miscellaneous school activities

    • Special materials needed by the children for a preschool project or activity

  5. Performing general duties as needed. 


Excursion Coordinator: (Owls and Eagles classes only): 

  1. Working with teacher and parents to obtain excursion ideas.

  2. Making arrangements with facility to be visited.

  3. Posting notes of time, place and special conditions for field trips.

  4. Making arrangements for any admission/parking fees.

  5. Writing thank you notes to any field trip locations.

  6. Performing general duties as needed.

  7. Sending risk management field trip form PCPO Program Director one month prior to event, or as soon as it’s scheduled.

  8. Sending out field trip forms and ensuring their return before the field trip. 


Classroom Photographer:  

  1. Photographing students during class, special days, and field trips.

  2. Purchasing and/or creating/researching ideas for layout and content of

    class memory books.

  3. Coordinating/organizing “memory book nights” for the class, if desired

  4. Setting up and uploading pictures to shared sights.

  5. Optional creating digital scrapbook for end of the year parent


  6. Performing general duties when needed. 

Class Hospitality Coordinator (should have co-op experience): 

  1. Acclimating new families throughout the year,

  2. sending greeting cards for major life events,

  3. setting up a meal plan for a family if warranted

  4. Coordinating a gift for the teacher during teacher appreciation week

  5. Writing thank you notes to any outside helpers.

  6. Parent should have previous Co-op experience 


Classroom Fundraiser (multiple per class): Assists Executive Fundraiser(s) with various school fundraisers throughout the year. In charge of arranging the class basket for annual auction. These jobs work closely with the Executive Fundraiser(s).  You will be contacted by them about the specifics of your job during the school year.  Please see the Policies and Procedures document (#2 on Parent Resources webpage) for further detail of job specifics.  


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