Director(s): Plans and conducts Board meetings, writes an agenda of business for discussion and voting. Coordinates programs between classes. Serves as liaisons between the preschool, college, and the host facility. Trains Class Chairs. Negotiates contracts with teachers and use agreements with the host facility (landlord). Performs general executive duties. Participates on Personnel and Budget Committees and any other committees they deem necessary. Sends Risk Management Special Events Form to PCPO Program Director one month prior to event. Creates a school calendar for the following year.


Executive Secretary: Assists the class Parent Coordinators. Takes minutes at the Board meetings and providing copies in a timely manner to the Board members. Once minutes are approved by the Board, the Secretary shall post a hard copy on the school bulletin board. Performs general correspondence duties as needed. Performs general executive duties when needed. Coordinates class pictures for all classes. Participates with the scholarship committee in review of scholarship applications. Keeps the preschool apprised of state government issues affecting the co-op program. Acts as the bank reconciliatory and balances the monthly savings and checking accounts. Performs general executive duties when needed.


Playground Coordinator: Organizes at least two work parties during the school year. Oversees equipment and maintenance in the playground area and arranges for any broken items to be repaired. Collects input from Teachers and Board regarding playground. Performs quarterly safety inspection of classroom and reports hazardous conditions if necessary.  Performs general executive duties as needed.


Fundraising Coordinator: Coordinates all fundraising efforts done by the preschool. Obtains a cross-check of fundraising monies collected from the Treasurer or other designated individual and reporting the same to the Treasurer for record keeping. Coordinates and oversees All-School Raffle/Auction. Performing general executive duties when needed.


Registrar(s): Checks BHCP voice and email boxes regularly and replies to questions as needed. Coordinates with Executive Treasurer for checking the preschool PO Box. Coordinates with Class Chairs and/or leading tours of the school for prospective families throughout the school year (and possibly during the summer). Creates rosters of all classes and maintaining them until October 15 of each year, at which time they may be turned over to the respective Class Chairperson. Registers all members, including collecting registration information and updating rosters. Distributes current copies of each class’s roster to the board each month. Confirms payment of registration fees with the Executive Treasurer, or Class Chairperson/Treasurer. Coordinates school open houses with the teachers, director(s) and other board members, usually 2 per year, possibly more often as needed. Coordinates distribution of enrollment packets (via email) for Fall Orientation. Coordinates Spring Enrollment, including distribution of registration forms to currently enrolled families. Coordinates registrar activities (open houses/ spring registration) with the Communications and Marketing Coordinators. Performs general executive duties when needed.


Executive Treasurer: Pays expenses, including payroll or upon board approval, forwards monthly payroll information to payroll company who will process the teachers’ payroll, file quarterly tax forms, tax returns and W 2’s. Works with individual Class Chairperson/Treasurers to collect and record all tuition payments received. Works with the Executive Fundraiser(s) to cross-check and record any fundraising monies received. Works with the Registrar(s) to coordinate registration monies received. Develops and updates the preschool budget. Supplies monthly financial reports to the board. Prepares year-end report for PCPO and prepares books for year-end audit. Checks and distributes mail, or coordinates with Registrar(s) to check mail.  Files quarterly payroll tax forms, tax return and W-2’s. Serves on the Budget and Personnel committees. Performs general executive duties when needed.


Health and Safety Member: Initiates and oversees safety and hygiene measures. Obtains immunization records for each child per the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Ensures first aid supplies are stocked and current.  Ensuring emergency supplies are stocked and current, including emergency food, comfort kits and other first aid emergency supplies. Performs quarterly safety inspection of classroom and reports hazardous conditions if necessary. Works with teachers to perform safety drills. Updates and posts safety board in classroom. Ensures compliance with the risk management manual. Reports results of periodic inspections to PCPO. Performs general executive duties as needed.


Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Publicizes the preschool program as requested by the Board. Creates and distributes brochures, signs and newsletters. Places advertisements, including newspaper, social media, and local events. Coordinates preschool participation in various community activities which serve to promote and publicize the school (i.e., community events, fairs, sales etc.). Facilitates T-shirt selection and sales. Collects information from class Parent Coordinators highlighting upcoming events. Publishes and distributes a newsletter or other communication monthly or quarterly to all members of the preschool. Collects information from class Parent Coordinators highlighting upcoming events and providing relevant publications in an all-school monthly newsletter; publishing and distributing this newsletter to all members of the co-op, including parents and teachers, on a monthly basis.  Updates the hallway bulletin boards upon request from the teachers. Maintains and updates the school website and social media pages.  Performs general duties as needed.


Class Chairperson: Represents the class at the monthly Board meetings or arranging a substitute if necessary. Reports to Director/Co-Director. Plans for the monthly parent meetings and orientations for the class. Uses the published calendar and information from board meetings to inform parents of upcoming events. Solicits discussion and/or a class vote if warranted. Serves on the nominating committee. Maintains their class roster, beginning October 15 of each year. Coordinates with the Registrar to provide current rosters for monthly board meetings. Monitors parent responsibilities including collection and review of required forms. Ensures that parents are aware of their responsibilities and that those responsibilities are being fulfilled. Assists the teacher in locating a substitute teacher in the event of the teacher’s absence. Appoints committees for duties needed for the operation of the preschool. Orients new parents throughout the school year, including risk management movie or summary. Performs general duties when needed. Collects tuition and expense receipts from class members and turns them over to the Executive Treasurer. Assists Executive Treasurer at Fall Orientation and the All-School Auction. Prepares minutes of monthly parent meetings and distributes them to parents in the class (Owls and Eagles classes only).

Located: 11717 SE 240th St, Kent WA 98031     Mail: PO Box 6153, Kent WA 98064

ph. 253.234.7704