Buy Brown Bear Carwash Tickets at a Discounted Rate. 
Portion of the Ticket Sales will count towards fulfilling your 
Fundraising Annual Fee. 
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*prices of tickets are subject to change without notice.




Let Shakey's cook dinner!
Join Us at the Fairwood Shakey's on
March 4th

When you order, let them know you're with us.


Portion of the proceeds go towards our Fundraising Goals!

Brown Bear

Car Wash Tickets

The Fundraising Annual Fee is $120 per family, $60 per semester.

Families may choose to participate in Fundraising Reward Programs, Events and Activities to earn credit towards Annual Fee. Otherwise Annual Fee due at the beginning of each semester.

  • Benson Hill Coop  does not receive any rewards notifications from either retailer. In order to receive Fundraising Credits for purchases made, it's important to complete the steps listed above.

  • Fundraising activities, such as The Shakey's Restaurant Takeover, can not be tracked individually and will be contributed to the overall BHCP Fundraising Goals. 

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