Meet Your 2020-2021 Preschool Board Members

Executive Board Positions
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Director(s) - Ray Loya

  • Plans and conducts Board meetings

  • Coordinates programs between classes

  • Serves as liaisons between the preschool, Bates and host facility

  • Trains class chairs

  • Negotiates contracts with teachers

  • Negotiates use agreements with the host facility (or landlord)

  • Publishes an agenda of business for discussion and voting at Board meetings

  • Performs general executive duties

  • Participates on Personnel and Budget Committees and any other committees they deem necessary

  • Sends Risk Management Special Events Form to PCPO Program Director 6 weeks prior to events

  • Creates a school calendar for the following year

  • Serve on the Background Check Committee to determine if background results are unfavorable

  • Work with Health and Safety on the PCPO Committee to handle communications with PCPO and the filing of any claims.

Executive Secretary - OPEN POSITION

  • Assists the class Parent Coordinators

  • Takes minutes at the Board meeting and provides copies in a timely manner to the board members. Once minutes are approved by the Board, the Secretary shall post a hard copy thereof on the school bulletin board

  • Performs general correspondence duties as needed

  • Performs general executive duties as needed

  • Coordinates class pictures for all classes

  • Participates on the scholarship committee in review of scholarship applications

  • Keeping the preschool apprised of state government affecting the Co-op program as needed

  • Makes parent and student name tags and mailbox labels

  • Signs checks for reimbursement and must be present to add and subtract people from the bank account

  • Performs general executive duties as needed

Registrar(s) - Dezi Garcia, OPEN 

  • Registers all members

  • Checks school email and phone, and mailbox

  • Give interested families tours of the school

  • Create a master list of all classes and maintain it until October 15 of each year, at which time they shall be turned over to their respective Class Chairs

  • Collect the registration information

  • Distribute current copies of rosters for each class’s enrollment to the school membership

  • Perform general executive duties when needed

  • Check the mail and distribute to appropriate parties in a timely fashion and check the bank statements for cash withdrawals or checks written to cash

  • Work with the Treasurer and PCPO to determine numbers to send for insurance renewal purposes

Executive Treasurer - Raven Dudley

  • Pays expenses, including payroll or upon board approval, forwarding monthly payroll information to payroll company who will process the teachers’ payroll, file quarterly tax forms, tax returns and W 2’s

  • Works with individual Class Treasurers to collect and record all tuition

  • Works with the Executive Fundraiser/s to cross-check and record any fundraising monies received

  • Develops and updates the preschool budget

  • Supplies monthly financial reports to the board

  • Prepares year-end report and prepares books for financial review

  • Files quarterly payroll tax forms, tax return and W-2’s

  • Serves on the Budget and Personnel and scholarship committees

  • Works with PCPO and registrar to determine insurance rates for upcoming year

  • Performs general executive duties when needed


Executive Fundraising Coordinator - OPEN POSITION

  • Coordinates and oversees All-School Raffle/Auction

  • Coordinates all other fund raising efforts done by the preschool

  • Obtains a cross-check of fundraising monies collected from the Treasurer or other designated individual and reports the same to the Treasurer for record keeping

  • Performs general executive duties when needed

Health and Safety Coordinator - Desirée Stitt

  • Initiates and oversees safety and hygiene measures, including obtaining immunization records for each child per the Washington Department of Social and Health Services

  • Ensuresfirst aid supplies are stocked and current

  • Ensures emergency supplies are stocked and current, including emergency food, comfort kits and other first aid emergency supplies

  • Performs quarterly safety inspection of classroom and reporting hazardous conditions if necessary

  • Works with teachers to perform safety drills

  • Updates and posts safety board in classroom

  • Organizes, maintains and ensures follow through of the risk management book

  • Reports results of periodic inspections to PCPO College

  • Submits Background Checks and works on PCPO/Background Check Committee with Director and Co-Director in the event of unfavorable background checks

  • Works with Director and Co-Director on the PCPO Committee to help with communications involving PCPO and compiling and facilitating use of PCPO insurance pockets

  • Performs general executive duties as needed

Playground Coordinator - OPEN POSITION

  • Organizes at least two work parties during the school year

  • Oversees equipment and maintenance in the playground area

  • Arranges for any broken items to be repaired

  • Collects input from the teachers and Board regarding the playground

  • Performs quarterly safety inspections of classrooms and reports hazardous conditions if necessary

  • Performs general executive duties as needed

Marketing Coordinator - OPEN POSITION

  • Publicizes the preschool program as requested by the Board, including creating and distributing brochures, signs, and newsletters/newspaper advertisements.

  • Coordinates preschool participation in various community activities which serve to promote/publicize the school (i.e., community events, fairs, etc.).

  • Facilitates T-shirt selection and sales.

  • Performs general executive duties when needed.

Communications Coordinator - OPEN POSITION

  • Collects information from class Parent Coordinators highlighting upcoming events and providing relevant publications in an all-school monthly newsletter; publishing and distributing this newsletter to all members of the co-op, including parents and teachers, on a monthly basis

  • Updates the hallway bulletin boards upon request from the teachers

  • Maintains and updates the school website

  • Performs general duties as needed

Class Chairperson - Hummingbirds (open),  Sparrows (open), Owls (open), Eagles (Lillian Le) 

  • Represents the class at the monthly Board meetings or providing a substitute if necessary

  • Communicates information from board meetings with their classes

  • Reports to Director/Co-Director

  • Plans for the monthly parent-ed meetings and orientations for the class

  • Uses the published calendar to inform parents of upcoming events to solicit discussion and/or a class vote if warranted

  • Serves on the committees as needed

  • Maintains his/her class roster, beginning October 15 of each year, and notifying the Board of changes throughout the year

  • Monitors parent responsibilities including collection/review of required forms

  • Ensures that parents are aware of their responsibilities and that they are being fulfilled (see Parent Duties section)

  • Assists the teacher in locating a substitute teacher in the event of the teachers absence

  • Orients new parents, including risk management video or summary

  • Reviews Reconciliation Statements to Check Against Bank Statements

  • Performs general duties when needed

All-School Positions (non-board)
*All non-board members agree to participate in two all-school cleaning nights during the school year.

Housekeeping Coordinator - OPEN

  • Coordinates the maintenance and clean-up of the preschool facility, including the monthly parent cleanings

  • Tracks materials, equipment, supplies and coordinates with the Executive Buyer when purchases are needed

  • Maintains and updates preschool inventory lists

  • Organizes classroom set-up at the beginning and end of each school year

  • Performs general executive duties when needed


Buyer - OPEN

  • Coordinates the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies and restocks when appropriate

  • Assists with finding help for repairs when necessary

  • Maintains and updates preschool inventory lists

  • Helps the Executive Housekeeper with organizing classroom set-up and pack-up at the beginning and end of each school year

  • Performs general executive duties as needed


Librarian - OPEN

  • Organizes and maintains the parent library

  • Organizes and maintains the children's library

  • Conducts annual book inventory in April

  • Inspects and maintains books for any needed repairs

  • Organizes and distributes book club orders

  • Performs general duties as needed