Housekeeping Coordinator: Coordinates the maintenance and clean-up of the preschool facility, including the monthly parent cleanings. Tracks materials, equipment, and supplies, and coordinating with the Executive Buyer when purchases are needed. Maintains and updates preschool inventory lists. Organizes classroom setup and pack-up at the beginning and end of each school year. Performs general executive duties when needed.


Buyer: Coordinates the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies and restocking when appropriate. Assists with finding help for repairs when necessary. Maintains and updates preschool inventory lists. Help the Executive Housekeeper with organizing classroom setup and pack-up at the beginning and end of each school year. Performs general duties when needed.


Librarian: Organize and maintain the parent library. Organize and maintain the children’s library. Conducts annual book inventory in April. Inspects and maintains books for any needed repairs. Organizes/distributes book club orders. Performs general duties as needed.

Class Treasurer:  Reminds class that tuition is due.  Assists Executive Treasurer at Fall Orientation and the All-School Auction. 


Parent Coordinator:  Creates monthly parent work schedule for their class and tracks schedule changes and days worked.  Reports class news by writing a small paragraph for the monthly preschool newsletter.


Classroom Assistant:  Assists the teacher throughout the year by cutting paper shapes, making play dough, mixing paints, or anything else required by the teacher.  Advises Executive Housekeeper/Buyer of any equipment that needs replacement or repair, launders kitchen towels and rags used in the classrooms, ensures classroom paper towels and soap dispensers are full, makes sure paint and glue are full, and performs any other classroom upkeep as requested by the Housekeeper/Buyer. Checks out books to the children and re-shelves returned books (Owls and Eagles classes only). Assists All-School Librarian with the annual book inventory in the spring.


Special Events:  Helps organize the All-School Winter Social with other members of Special Events Committee. Plans last day of school party with Excursions Parent.  Coordinates any special class parties with teacher. Organizes and plans Parents-night-out if interest is shown by the class. When necessary, notifies parents, teachers by telephone of upcoming meetings, excursions, cancellation of school (snow closures, etc.), miscellaneous school activities, or special materials needed by the children for a preschool project or activity. 


Excursion Coordinator: (Owls and Eagles classes only):  Works with the teacher and parents to generate excursion ideas, makes arrangements for class visits, maintains file of Emergency Forms, collects admission fees, writes a thank-you note from the class.


Classroom Photographer:  Photographs the class’s special days and field trips. Purchases materials for memory books for their class, if class decides to do this.  Creates/researches ideas for layout and content of class memory books, coordinates “memory book nights (or days)” for the class. Makes a photo disk to give to the Auction entertainment coordinator.

Class Hospitality Coordinator: Acclimates new families throughout the school year, sends greeting cards for major life events, sets up meal plans for families if warranted, coordinates a gift for the teacher during teacher appreciation week, writes thank you notes to any outside helpers. Parent should have previous Co-op experience.


Classroom Fundraiser (multiple per class): Assists Executive Fundraiser(s) with various school fundraisers throughout the year. In charge of arranging the class basket for annual auction. These jobs work closely with the Executive Fundraiser(s).  You will be contacted by them about the specifics of your job during the school year.

Located: 11717 SE 240th St, Kent WA 98031     Mail: PO Box 6153, Kent WA 98064

ph. 253.234.7704